When is a good time to rebrand? 

Years ago all my writing and marketing efforts went toward my company website, worstofalldesign.com. I was looking for clients to hire us, so sending traffic to my business site made sense.

But businesses evolve. Goals evolve. BRANDS evolve.

In fact, all of these things should be evolving, because it means you are learning from your experiences in your business. If your brand and business never shifted course, it would suggest to me that you aren’t striving to improve your business. Why? Because the chances of getting it exactly right out of the gate, before you’ve had experience, is basically nil.

At a certain point my goals have changed, which means my strategy needed to change, too.

New Goal?

I want to help way more people badass their brands than the number I could possibly help at Worstofall Design.

I want to help thousands of solopreneurs build profitable service businesses that give them the freedom and flexible lifestyle they want.

And since I don’t want to hire employees to expand my agency because having an in-house team is definitively not one of my goals (more on that another time), the only way I’m going to help more and more people (while still maintaining my freedom, which is very important to me) is by reaching them in a more scalable way.

The economy seems to be shifting more and more toward the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and I believe the solopreneur economy will thrive the most when individuals are able to spend their time doing what they do best—kicking ass and taking names—instead of wasting time trying to figure it out the slow way, reinventing the wheel.

A business coach of mine, Dianne Parker, once pointed out how critical it is to maximize the amount of time you spend doing “high-value” activities, and minimize the time you spend doing low-value activities.

If you have expertise to offer the world, don’t you think you would be more effective (not to mention profitable) if you spent as much time as possible delivering those expertise?

Wouldn’t you like to spend as little time as possible reinventing the wheel?

I know I would!

I tend to attract like-minded people who also want that freedom without having to build a whole damn corporate empire first. I want to maximize the impact of the time I spend to reach as many of those people as possible, and have the greatest impact on them.

Since my previous piasilva.com website wasn’t designed with that goal in mind, it was time to revisit.

And one of the biggest changes we made is to start posting my weekly articles on the piasilva.com Unfiltered blog moving forward!

I’ll still post on Forbes as well, the platform has been good to me, but it’s time to up my game and start driving traffic and eyeballs to this website, too.

But I’m going to start posting here on my own blog to take my personal brand to the next level so I can impact more people. 

Your help with getting the word out there will be greatly appreciated!

So back to my initial point, when it comes to revisiting your brand and website: what’s the lesson?

Don’t revisit your brand or website before you know why you’re doing it.

Why am I doing this? What’s the goal? What’s the challenge I’m having that a rebrand will solve?

Until you have good answers to those questions, DO NOT spend time and energy on rebranding or redoing your website!