You’re a Badass.
But do they know it?

You know it. Your ex-clients know it, but how do you get everyone else to know?

Learn 10 ways to increase your online footprint so they all see you as the go-to authority you are.


How do you get the world to see you as the go-to authority you are?


You need a Badass Reputation. That means having a reputation that precedes you. It means strangers have heard of you and when others need info or help on your subject of expertise, they look to you for guidance and actually want to hear what you have to say.

If you want to be seen as a premiere authority in your space then becoming that person should be a top priority for you this year.

Because as the world becomes more and more saturated by so many “experts”, doing the work to be seen as the authority that you are is a necessary step to becoming an actual authority.

Experts and authorities on a subject are no longer defined purely by their knowledge or experience - they are defined by how much credibility they have and credibility is in large part defined your online presence.

“Even if you’re not that person right now, you absolutely can become it.”

Let’s say you get an opportunity handed to you…

- Maybe it’s a referral for business
- Maybe it’s being an interview subject for a show or podcast
- Maybe an event needs an expert to give a talk to a room full of your ideal clients
- Maybe an upcoming article needs a quote from an expert

And a third party refers you as the perfect person to fill that need.

If they Google you, what do they see?

- Is it going to be your website with your name as the URL?
- Or will it be your company website with your name on the About Us page?
- Or maybe it’ll just be a selfie of you and your dog on your personal Facebook?
- Or, the worst, will it be someone else with the same name as you?

Each one of these scenarios tells a different story about you in a split second.

The Online Reputation Guide has 10 ways you can start increasing your online authority immediately, grab it here: