Pia's Badass approach to small business will leave your audience entertained, motivated, and begging for more.

Pia's Key ADDRESS:

"Build a Badass Brand
that Sells Itself"

How service businesses can stand out from the competition, CHASE LESS, charge morE and sell more with a badass brand

Pia knows how hard it is to be an entrepreneur stuck in the hamster wheel, constantly looking for your next sale. Her company Worstofall Design went from $40k in debt to almost half a million in sales in 12 months using the ballsy philosophy of Badass Branding and now now has successfully implemented it for dozens for clients. In this speech, Pia explains how any entrepreneur can identify what makes them different, leaving attendees inspired to embrace their Badassery to achieve financial success and freedom. 

This speech can be 20, 40 or 60 mins depending on your needs.

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Panel Speaker

Always ready to mix it up

Let Pia at those other experts on a panel and let the chips fall where they may. Not afraid to tell it like it is with "No BS," Pia is an entertaining and thought-provoking guest addition to any group discussion or panel. Book a time to speak with Pia about your panel.


DISCLAIMER: Pia cannot be censored and in the heat of a talk may drop a #@&! here or there. You have been warned.