STEP #1 - To Achieving Freelancer Freedom

I don’t think anyone starts working for themselves with the goal of working ALL. THE. TIME. And being slave to their clients.

The hard truth is that it’s mathematically impossible to achieve freedom in a freelance business unless you are charging a certain price for your services.


In this free mini course I’ll show you how to find YOUR magic price, the price you MUST charge if you want to achieve freedom in your freelance business. I’ll also share:

  • why your current pricing strategy— charging as much as you think people will pay, or basing your prices on what your competition is charging—is your biggest downfall.

  • How to achieve your key price as quickly as possible

  • And how, once you achieve your key price, how you can keep using this formula tool to achieve more and more financial success, while freeing up more and more free time

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